USB Kill V3 vs iPhone 7

USB Kill V3 vs iPhone 7

Up until now, the iPhone 7 has been invulnerable to USB Kill attacks. This is because the iPhone & Lightning Port require connected devices to pass an authentication challenge before data is allowed to be transfered. As such, all lightning cables have an embedded authentication chip, which performs the exchange.

As such, if a USB Kill was connected, it would disable the cable / adaptor - before the power even reached the telephone. 

Everything has changed: has spent the last few months developing an Adaptor Kit - including an Apple Lightning Adaptor.

Our adaptor performs the authentication, and then allows the power surge to pass - result? iPhone failure.

Our Adaptor Packs are available right now - with three adaptors, tested against USB-C, Lightning and MicroUSB.

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Sep 12, 2017 • Posted by Gene

Is the data, specifically the photos and videos, recoverable after killing the iPhone?

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