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The world's only RFID fuzzing tool.

  • Securely disable RFID badges.
  • Test and harden RFID hardware
  • Audit access control failure modes
  • Test and reduce the attack surface for pen-test customers
  • Single Discharge Mode (Standard + Professional Versions)
  • Continuous Discharge Mode (Professional Version only)

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Technical Information


While the NFCKill is tuned to the most common RFID frequencies, it is effective against all RFID technologies. Likewise, it is able to inductively couple with most devices that contain an form of coil.

Targeted Frequencies:

  • High Frequency (13.56MHz)
    • Tags: All known tags (MIFARE Family, HID iCLASS, Calypso, Contactless Payment, etc) 
    • Hardware: Most reader and writer hardware, NFC-equipped phones, Contactless Payment Terminals, etc
    • Effective Range: 0 - 6cm
    • Throughput: 50 cards per cycle (max 6000 per minute)
  • Low Frequency (125 - 134KHz)
    • Tags: All known tags (HID, Indala, etc)
    • Hardware: Most reader and writer hardware
    • Effective Range: 0 - 5cm
    • Throughput: 1 card per cycle (max 120 per minute)
  • Ultra High Frequency (850 - 930 MHz)
    • Tags: Most known tags (EPC Classes 1 - 4, Security Tags, etc)
    • Hardware: Some reader and writer hardware
    • Effective Range: 0 - 3cm
    • Secure Card Destruction Throughput: 1 card per cycle (max 120 per minute)

Other Technologies

  • Wireless charging (chargers and devices)
  • POS systems
  • Induction-Loop equipped systems
  • Systems with coils that can have current induced

Technical Specifications

The NFCKill has the following technical specifications:


  • Tuned Frequencies: 125KHz - 13.56MHz
  • Effective Frequencies: 125KHz - 950MHz


  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion, 3.3V
  • Input Frequency: 3.3V
  • Output Voltage: ~1600V

Operating Modes

  • Single Pulse (Standard & Professional Version)
  • Continuous (2 Hz / 0.5s) (Professional Version only)


  • Battery Life: ~10,000 discharge cycles
  • Charge Interface: Micro-USB
  • Case: ABS
  • LEDs: 4x Battery Level indication, 1x Power, 1x Operation Indication

Operational Warning

The NFCKill is a high-voltage device, containing several shock-hazards. It must be kept and operated in a controlled environment, by a trained and responsible technician. Unintentional damage may occur to due irresponsible operator error. declines any responsibility from the use of the device. For more information, please review our terms and conditions.

NFCKill Reference Videos

Product Presentation

Extended Testing (Hardware Fuzzing + Failure Mode Audits)

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