USBKill Test Results

Hundreds of pentesters and hardware developers world-wide perform thousands of USBKill tests on a daily basis. Over the years, we have tracked hardware that is vulnerable, resistant and protected - across a huge variety of devices, spanning multiple industries.

Check out our extensive test results below, and our latest test video to the right.

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Test Results by Category

  • Crypto Wallets

    Hardware Crypto Wallets are used to store crypto-money assets. So far the USBKill has been tested on leading brands: Trezor, Ledger, CoolWallet. Learn which devices resist the USBKill - and those that can be killed and take your crypto with them.

  • 2FA Hardware Tokens

    Physical Two-Factor Authentication Tokens are becoming more common - and hold all of our most confidential information: passwords, SSH keys, biometric information, and more. Learn which tokens are reliable, or which tokens to use that can be wiped in emergency circumstances with the USBKill.

  • Cellphones

    Feature-phone to Flagship, the USBKill has been tested across dozens of models of mobile phone. Learn which brand resist against USB-Surge attacks, and which brands are vulnerable.

  • Desktop Computers

    In general, desktop computers are one of the least protected category of device. During tests we have seen devices smoke and even catch fire - the USBKill on desktop computers can be dangerous!

  • Laptops/Tablets

    From entry-level to ultra-book and ultra-expensive, USBKill has tested dozens of portable computing devices, including laptops and multiple generations of iPads.

  • Network Equipment

    With the arrival of the USBKill V4 and its internal battery & adapter kits, network equipment (routers, modems, network cards) are in testing scope. Check which network equipment resists, and which ones fail.

  • Office Equipment

    Printers, coffee machines, keyboards, projectors and monitors, we've tested all the office equipment possible, so you can make informed choices about which public-facing hardware to purchase.

  • Gaming Consoles

    USBKill has been tested against several generations of gaming consoles: PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PocketSprite and more.

  • Home Equipment

    TVs, Kindles, Google Home, AppleTV, Alexia and more - USBKill has been tested against dozens of electronic home automation devices.

  • Automobile

    With the advent of electric-cars, electronic controls and displays and integrated navigation systems, cars have become a real target for USB-Surge attacks. We've tested against several models.

  • Misc. Devices / Accessories

    All other tested devices that don't fit anywhere else: Electronic locks, sound equipment, testing equipment - anything with a USB-drive that has been tested is reported here.