Adaptor Kit


Adaptor Kit
Adaptor Kit Adaptor Kit

Test everything with the USBKill V4 Adaptor Packs: Computers, Telephones, Industrial Equipment, Network Equipment, Display Devices and more.

Included with every USBKill Adaptor Kit:
  • Out-of-the-box ready: No assembly required
  • Purchase Protection: Money Back Guarantee
  • World-wide shipping: Tracked & Express Options

Test Everything

The USBKill V4 Adaptors kits allow the USBKill V4 to test almost any type of device: Computers, Telephones (Apple and Android), Network Equipment (RJ-45), Display Equipment (Via VGA, HDMI or DisplayPort), Technical and Medical Equipment (Via USB Cables).

Thousands of industrial, security and law-enforcement firms use USBKill, combined with an Adaptor Kit on a daily basis to test hardware, detect and secure vulnerabilities and much more.

The Basic Adaptor Kit contains the most common adaptors for day-to-day use.

The Advanced Adaptor Kit contains specialised adaptors for specific use cases.

Compare the kits below to find which kit is best suited for your requirements


  • USB-C
  • Lightning (Apple)
  • MicroUSB
  • Mini USB
  • USB-A Female
The USBKill V4 Kit contains includes a USBKill V4 and Basic Adaptor Kit - with a saving of 10%.


    • USB-B Male
    • USB-B Female
    • VGA (DB15)
    • HDMI Male
    • HDMI Female-Female
    • DisplayPort Male
    • DisplayPort Female-Female
    • RJ45 Male,
    • RJ-45 Female
The USBKill V4 Tactical Kit includes a Basic Adaptor Kit, Advanced Adaptor Kit, and multiple USBKill V4 devices, with a saving of 99€.